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Clinical and School Psychologist
Girard-Indian School Professional Building
2741 Indian School Road, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone: 505.255.6002 ext. 118
Fax: 505.255.7890
E-mail: glz@ZiemanG.com
Website: www.ZiemanG.com



Clinical Child Psychology Intern: Children's Medical Center, Tulsa, OK 1981-1982
American Psychological Association approved clinical program with rotations in: pediatric medicine, biofeedback, child neuropsychology, and forensic child psychology

Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO; 1978-1982
American Psychological Association approved program

M.S. in School Psychology: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO; 1976-1978
Emphasis on child behavior problems and disorders of reading and writing

B.S. in Psychology: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO; 1971-1975


Applied Experience

Clinical and School Psychologist (private practice), 1998 to Present: Albuquerque, NM
Practice specializing in four areas: Court-appointed child custody evaluations, parenting coordinator for divorced parents, testings for childhood learning disabilities, and as an independent evaluator in tort litigation involving children.

Soldier and Family Life Consultant, 2005: In Germany for the U.S. Army
Counseling for deploying and returning soldiers (from the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones) and their families.

Co-Founder, Clinical Director/Chief Clinical Officer Mesa Mental Health , 1987-1998: Albuquerque, NM
Management of a regional (New Mexico & West Texas) managed care organization with staffed clinics and a regional provider network.

Co-Editor, 2000 to 2004: Behavioral Health Advisor Series; Clinical Reference Systems, Broomfield, CO
Advise, edit, and write articles in a comprehensive medical series designed for hospitals and primary care physicians.

Co-Founder and Co-Director, 1992-1998: Center for Quality Innovations and Research, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Development and management of the National Outcomes Management Project, an award winning mental health outcomes measurement program implemented in 19 clinics in 12 states.

Clinical Director, 1991-1993: Presbyterian Child and Adolescent Treatment Center, Albuquerque, NM
Designed & opened new 14 bed inpatient and partial hospital unit.

Clinical Child and Family Psychologist (private practice), 1985-1991: Albuquerque, NM
Psychotherapy with children and families.

School Psychologist , 1982-1985: Educational Assessment Systems Inc., Albuquerque, NM
Clinical evaluations and psychotherapy with children in rural communities and on American Indian Reservations.

Staff Counselor (live-in), 1975-1976: Golden Gate State Reform School and Griffith Residential Treatment Center, Denver, CO
Live-In counselor with incarcerated youth.


University Teaching Experience

Instructor; 1979-82; Colorado State University, Department of Psychology
Taught: Assessment of Intelligence (PY 740), Psychology of Exceptional Children (PY 460), Personality Development (PY 220), Psychology of Adolescence (PY 360), Introduction to Psychology (PY 100), and Child Development (PY 260)


Professional Licenses and Memberships:

Licensed Psychologist, New Mexico, Lic. No. 275 (1983 to present)

American Psychological Association, member (1978 to present)

Association of Family and Conciliation Court (2007 to present)



Steering Committee Emeritus Award. 1997. Council of Behavioral Group Practices, Washington, D.C.

Model Outcomes Program (shared with A. Daniels and T. Kramer, of the University of Cincinnati). 1997. Outcomes Roundtable, Washington, D.C.

Nominated for Psyche Award of Excellence. 1996. Institute for Behavioral Healthcare, San Francisco.

Commitment to Excellence Award. 1995 recipient . Council of Behavioral Group Practices.


Books Published

Zieman, G. Shrink on the Loose: Therapy in Unusual Places. Untreed Reads: San Francisco, 201,.

Zieman, G. The Handbook of Managed Behavioral Healthcare: A Guide for Students and Practitioners. Jossey-Bass: San Francisco, 1998.

Daniels, A., Zieman, G., Furgal, C, & Kramer, T. The Behavioral Quality & Accountability Tool Kit. CentraLink: San Francisco, 1997.

Daniels, A., Zieman, G., Dickman, N. The Comprehensive Managed Care Tool Kit. CentraLink: San Francisco, 1996.

Daniels, A., Zieman, G., Dickman, N. The Comprehensive Group Practice Tool Kit. CentraLink: San Francisco, 1995.

Zieman, G. L (editor). The Complete Capitation Handbook: How to Design & Implement At-Risk Contracts for Behavioral Healthcare. CentraLink/Jossey-Bass: San Francisco, 1995.

Zieman, G. L., Daniels, A., Kramer, T., Mahesh, N. The Outcomes Management Project Manual. Institute for Behavioral Healthcare, San Francisco, 1994.


Article Publications and Research

Zieman, G. L. & Baker-Randall, Esq., M. A. Divorce and the Family (Five-part series) Parenting New Mexico, 2000 (March - July).

Zieman, G. L. Learning Disabilities. (Five part series) Parenting New Mexico, 1999-2000 (September - February).

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The History of Managed Care (1998); Studio production for the medical school consortium composed of University of North Carolina, Eastern Carolina University, and Wake Forest University.

Managed Care for Mental Health Practitioners (1996); Two-hour studio production for educating graduate students; Colorado State University Media Productions.


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